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Best Practices for Publishers and Authors

Promote your books for free on Google
Reach a new audience of book buyers with Google Books. Join the Google Books Partner Program. Sign up now.
Already a Book Search partner? Check out the Best Practices page in the Partner Help Center for tips on how to make Book Search work even harder for you.
Get more out of your ad budget. Use Adwords.
With AdWords you can run targeted ad campaigns that put each of your books in front of the readers most likely to buy them. Target by keyword, geography, subject, and/or website. Set up a test campaign.
Keep your readers engaged between book publications
Start a dialogue with your readers by creating a blog. Take a tour of Blogger.
Find out how to get more traffic to your site
Use these easy tools to ensure your site is easily crawled & indexed by Google. Start now.

Track visitors to your website and find out what they like and don't like
Google Analytics shows you which sites, search engines, and keywords refer your traffic and how visitors interact with your site.
Take the Analytics tour.

All of the Google services together work much better than a single one. Traffic to our site has increased 74% since we started using Google Books, AdWords and Analytics.
Hal Hallstein, Wisdom

Above and Beyond - More Google tools you can use to promote your books
  • Want to sell books directly through your own website?
    You can set up Google Checkout in minutes.

  • Make it easy for your publicity, sales and marketing departments to communicate and collaborate  
    Google Apps includes email, calendar and collaboration tools that your employees can access from any computer. Read Nimble Books' story.

  • Keep your readers posted about upcoming events.
    Now users can subscribe to your public calendar and watch for upcoming book tours and author events. Learn more about Google Calendar.

  • Engage your readers with videos 
    Create videos to start a viral campaign or to add another component to your web site or blog. Watch a video about how to post videos on YouTube.

  • Stay in touch with your readers
    Use Google Groups to create web groups, mailing lists, and email newsletters to stay in touch with book groups, fans, and booksellers. Find out what you can do with Google Groups.

  • Submit additional content
    See all opportunities to share your content for free across Google including gadgets, product search, local business center and video

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