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Partner Success Stories

How can Google Books help me?

Google Books helps you gain more exposure for your books and reach users around the world. Read about how these authors and book publishers use Google Books to make their books and businesses more successful.

Author Success Stories

Author Richard Lowry has gained visibility and sales

After spending 12 years writing his first book, Richard Lowry was pleased to learn his POD publisher promoted its titles through Google Books. On the strength of the visibility this book gained, Lowry received contracts for two more - and he's glad that his new publishers are also Google Book Search partners.


Author Susan Foote gains exposure, builds her readership and revives sales

A first-time author with limited funds for marketing reaches new readers and sees book orders increase without spending money on advertising.

Read more | Download PDF

Book Publisher Success Stories

Goal: Increase traffic to website

Wisdom Publications sees a marked improvement in online visibility, increasing web traffic by 74%

Using Google Books, AdWords, and Analytics, Wisdom Publications sees global site visits grow, with Google providing 45% of their overall monthly traffic. Read more | Download PDF | Watch Video

Idea Group

Idea Group Inc. gains exposure, increases web traffic and quadruples ad revenue

After partnering with Google in both Google Scholar and Google Books, technology publisher Idea Group Inc. sees a fourfold increase in page views and ad revenue. Read more | Download PDF

Grupo Editorial Norma

Latin American publisher Grupo Editorial Norma drives global traffic to its website and increases sales without marketing investment

In four months, Grupo Editorial Norma receives more than four million page visits and 31,000 clicks on its book purchase links, significantly increasing sales without making an additional investment in advertising. Read more | Download PDF

Goal: Gain exposure for books

Arcadia Publishing reaches new buyers for several thousand titles

As a publisher of books on local and regional history throughout the U.S., Arcadia has hundreds of target markets, and its readers may also live outside the areas being written about. Google Books extends Arcadia's reach to interested buyers wherever they are. Read more | Download PDF | Watch Video


IDRC increases visibility and sales by making its titles 100% viewable

After choosing to make all of its books 100% viewable in Google Books, IDRC sees sales and visibility for its titles rise. Read more | Download PDF


Osprey Publishing gains visibility and traffic on the web, useful market information, new customers and sales

As a publisher of authoritative books on war and warfare, Osprey targets military history enthusiasts and the broader audience of readers with an active or spontaneous interest in the history of war. Google Books enables Osprey to connect directly with anyone searching for the highly specialized information contained in its books. Read more


Crossway Books gains significant exposure for its entire catalog

Through Google Books, Crossway has increased visibility for a 400+ title catalog, and readers learn about more titles of interest to them. Read more | Download PDF

Goal: Generate backlist sales

Springer sees record backlist sales with Google Books

Leading STM publisher sees record backlist sales with help from Google Books. Read more

World's oldest publisher stays at the cutting edge with Google Books

Cambridge University Press reaches widest possible audience through Google Books. Read more | Download PDF

Seven Stories Press drives direct sales and boosts exposure for backlist titles

Seven Stories finds sales of deep backlist titles jump after allowing people to discover them through Google Books. Read more | Download PDF
Transaction Publishers revives backlist, reaches academic audience

Online book previews prove a useful marketing tactic for Transaction to reach their academic audience. Read more | Download PDF
Goal: Enhance B2B sales

Lightbulb Press enhances B2B sales efforts

By directing prospects to Google Books for previews of its books, Lightbulb Press enhances their sales process, ultimately increasing book sales. Read more | Download PDF

Goal: Drive direct sales from publisher's website

Serambi sees increased traffic and online sales after Google Books Integration

40% of Serambi's online bookstore customers found their books through Google Books. Read more | Download PDF


The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) increases e-commerce sales by 60%

After adding books in multiple languages to Google Books, the IDB sees online sales rise and receives an order for 600 copies of a backlist title. Read more | Download PDF

Upper Access

Upper Access, Inc. gains exposure, expands customer base and jumpstarts backlist sales

A small publisher with a limited budget for marketing gains new customers and sales for backlist titles without spending money on advertising. Read more | Download PDF

Penn State Press

Penn State Press sees more traffic, more sales and greater margins

By converting backlist inventory into POD books and listing them on Google Books, Penn State Press saw new readers buy direct because they discovered titles the Press would not have marketed otherwise. Read more | Download PDF


GRADA Publishing gains new customers using Google Books

The Czech specialty literature publishing house, Grada, has been a Google Books publisher partner for three years. Zdeněk Jaroš, head of the marketing department, reports that since partnering with Google Books, Grada has seen a significant increase in site traffic. Read More

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