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Thoughts & Opinions

Paul Manning, Vice President, Book Sales for Springer
"Google Books is one of the easiest and best online marketing vehicles"

Edward Crutchley, Book Sales Director, Blackwell Publishing
"A 1999 Blackwell's title, Metaphysics: An Anthology, has had 2,583 page views and 597 "buy this book" click-throughs since it became part of the program. Without any other marketing, the title has had "its best year in the U.S. since publication… The high rate of 'buy this book' clicks is translating into sales for our deep backlist."

Evan Schnittman, VP, Rights & Bus Dev, Oxford University Press
"Google Books is a key to our overall Internet strategy of reaching new markets with our books in an effective and efficient way. We have seen overall traffic to our site increase, backlist sales rise, and we've acquired nearly 4,000 new direct book customers for free since the program launched."

Kate Tentler, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Simon & Schuster
"Books featured in the Partner Program show a 15.3% (customer) "conversion rate," which means that web surfers who clicked on a Simon and Schuster book in Google Books either bought a book or went to the Simon and Schuster web site and, for example, subscribed to a newsletter. Conversion rates for other search engines languish around 1-3%."


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